How did this happen?

Once upon a time, Max Cowan (keys) and Daniel Casares (sax) wanted to play some new songs.

So they wrote an album.


OK more like THE BEGINNING...

The album tells the rest of the story.

Who else tells this story?

On drums is Jermal Watson.

On bass is Jason Muscat.

On trumpet is Mike Olmos.

On Guitar are Jeff Tamelier, Nate Mercereau and Cedricke Dennis.

But that's 3 guitarists!

Yes. And they each leave a stamp so deep you'll think it's permanent.

What about this drummer?

Jermal is a magician.

Like card tricks?

Like time travel.

Sounds dangerous.

That's why Jason Muscat is on bass.


But Mike Olmos also causes trouble.

In what way?

Listen to the end of "Happy Herd."

Happy Herd won't stream on the Bandcamp player...

So buy the album.

But that costs money.

And hiring the baddest players anywhere is free.

OK I bought the album. And it was only $7.

Thank you.

Mike does cause trouble.


OK now what?

Tell your friends. Have them tell their friends. Come to a show. Like Atta Kid on Facebook. Follow @attakidmusic on Twitter and Instagram. Support live and local music so it doesn't go extinct.


Atta Kid.